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Holiday apartments World of Horses

> General booking and rental conditions <

By booking, you accept these conditions as binding for yourself and for the persons registered by you.

Booking the holiday apartment

You can book in writing, by phone or via the Internet. Your booking will only become binding through our written booking confirmation, which will take place immediately, at the latest within 1 day. The scope of our services results exclusively from the content of our website: www.worldofhorsesflats.com. We are happy to accept your additional requests when booking. Special requests as well as bookings under one condition and oral ancillary work are only valid if they have been confirmed by us in writing.


You confirm your booking with a deposit of 100% of the rental price. This must be transferred to our account within 7 days of our booking confirmation or will be debited from your credit card. The current prices are on our website and are always the subject of the booking confirmation. If you do not make the payment according to the agreed due date, we are entitled to withdraw from the booking and charge you with the cancellation costs according to these terms and conditions.

Cancellation of the booking/early departure

In case of cancellation, we will charge a fee of 90% of the travel price if we cannot re-let the apartment. In case of an early departure, the entire travel price must be paid. Handover of the holiday apartment We will give you the holiday apartment in a clean and hygienic condition. These include, for example, freshly made bedding and hygienically perfect sanitary facilities. On departure, hand over the holiday apartment back to us broom clean. This includes cleaning the kitchen, washing and clearing the dishes, removing the remaining food as well as all waste and sweeping the rooms.

We offer you an intermediate cleaning of the apartment for 300 ZAR.

If you have not met these points on the departure date, we can charge you the additional cleaning costs of ZAR 500.

Use of the apartment

As a tenant, you have the right to use the entire rental property, including furniture and everyday objects. You undertake to treat the rental property and its inventory with the greatest possible care. You are obliged to report and compensate us for any damage incurred during the rental period due to your fault or the fault of your companion and guests. Only people who have booked the apartment may stay in the house. Any visit must be registered in advance. We reserve the right to charge you 1,000 ZAR if you lose an apartment key or remote. The rental property may not be occupied by more people than were listed in the booking confirmation. Arrival is on the scheduled arrival day according to the booking confirmation between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Arrivals after 6 p.m. should be announced one day in advance. Please inform us by mobile phone about your approximate arrival time so that we can receive you personally on site.

On the day of departure, according to the booking confirmation, the holiday apartment must be left by 10 a.m. at the latest, handed over to us broom clean and in the same condition as at the time of the takeover. If the apartment is not vacated in time, we reserve the right to claim any damage resulting from this. The holiday apartments are purely non-smoking apartments. If you smoke on the balcony, please close the door behind you so that no smoke moves into the apartment. Thank you very much. Withdrawal by the landlord We can withdraw from the booking before your arrival or cancel the rental contract without notice after handing over the apartment: A) if you permanently disturb through your behaviour despite a warning or if you endanger others through your behaviour or otherwise behave in violation of the contract. B) if the apartment is not habitable as a result of unforeseeable force majeure. If we cancel after point a), then the rental price expires. If we withdraw from the contract in accordance with b) before your planned arrival day, all amounts paid will be refunded immediately, further claims will be expressly excluded. If we cancel the contract in accordance with b) after your arrival, you will receive the rental price back on a pro rata basis. Further claims are expressly excluded. Liability Liability for occasional failures or Disruptions in the water and/or energy supply are excluded, as well as for liability for the constant operational readiness of the heating, as well as the Internet. Obligation to cooperate, warranty, exclusion of claims Within the framework of the statutory provisions, you are obliged to do everything reasonable for you in the event of performance disruptions that may occur in order to contribute to the correction of the disturbance and to keep any damage that may arise or to occur. This results in particular in the obligation to report complaints immediately. If you culpably do not comply with this obligation, you are not entitled to claims in this respect. If you notice any defects in the rental property, you can request a remedy. In this case, contact us immediately! Choice of law, other provisions German law applies exclusively to our contractual relationship with you. The invalidity of individual provisions of the tenant's income does not result in the invalidity of the entire rental contract. Place of performance and jurisdiction Stellenbosch 15. November Gez. Heike Knittel